German Standard Consultancy is a cross-cultural intercace for businesses and solutions! „German Standard Consultancy“ Words that tell you what to expect of. „German Standard Consultancy“ is a quality seal of approval and an award at the same time. Only the best service and products are served right here. You can count on it 100%. It‘s is the fact that “Germany“ is equivalent to outstanding quality. You can be sure that you always get the same excellent and reliable quality you have come to expect Finding a China supplier is one thing. Finding a reliable supplier is another. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with and between our clients and partners to form trustworthy longterm partnerships to create a win-win situation for our partners, our clients, and also ourselves. We believe everything can be achieved by hard work and trust

  • Profound experience in the China-business
  • Extensive experience in sales & marketing of high-tech goods
  • Deep experience in supplier sourcing, for any quantities
  • Strong technical background
  • Funded konwleage of two cultures – West and East
  • Great connections and wide-ranging networks of suppliers and service providers in China and Europe
  • Western managed and operated company in China.

Service we can offer – Go China/ Go Europe

  • Consulting and business trips
  • Fair service, events service e.g.
  • Manufacture sourcing in Europe and China
  • Seeking of business partner and sales partner in China and Europe
  • Setting up a business in China
  • Marketing
  • Internet/web design
  • Chinese language service
  • Logistics and shipping to all parts of the world
  • Human resource