Market Entry Analysis and Strategy

The key to a successful and sustainable entry into the German and European market is an elaborated marketing strategy. Usually this means to start with an in-depth market analysis in order to get an understanding of the local market environment and potential competitors and customers. Based on the analysis results a market entry strategy should be developed that takes into account the local mentality and culture: An increasing group of German consumers for example attaches special importance to matters of sustainability, social responsibility and ecological behaviour of companies. Others – especially elder people – can be quite doubtful against exotic brand names.
Therefore the GSC supports you in the development of a marketing strategy and its implementation. That means that our team does not only think and talk but also act! We generate initial business contacts for you, carry out administrative formalities or help you to build relationships with the media. Besides that and if you wish, we even assist your management staff to find an apartment, buy a car or become member in a sports club.

Interested in exploring your opportunities in the German market? Or, would you like to access the German market by establishing or expanding a subsidiary?

You are at the right address. The German market raises many questions for Chinese companies, however, we have got the answers for you:

  • Does my product fit the German market?
  • What is the right marketing concept?
  • Which legal aspects apply?
  • How do I get in touch with business partners and customers?
  • How do I communicate successfully in Germany?